Frozen Dead Guy Days to celebrate sub-zero lifestyle with quirky events in Nederland this weekend

Every two weeks, Brad Wickham drives to Reliant Dry Ice in east Denver. He picks up a half ton of dry ice, shuttles it nearly 50 miles to Nederland and piles slabs of the cooling agent around an air-tight metal coffin where an old dead dude has been laid to rest.

“I just now got done delivering it,” said Wickham on Monday during an interview. “He’s in a wooden box that surrounds his coffin, and it holds about 1,500 pounds of dry ice. I add what dissipates over the weeks.”

“He” is Grandpa Bredo Morstoel, and he literally chills out inside a Tuff Shed in the hills of Nederland. His grandson keeps him preserved in a cryonic state. He’s the inspiration for the town’s wackiest party, Frozen Dead Guy Days, a weekend of bizarre events honoring Nederland’s famous fleshsicle.

The event has caught worldwide attention. Thousands congregate for strange events like coffin races, human foosball, a parade of hearses, frozen fowl bowling and a costumed polar plunge. Frozen Dead Guy Days kicks off at4 p.m. Friday, with its annual Royal Blue Ball. The ball features music from Flash Mountain Flood, Electric Toast & Buttery Friends and Dead Floyd. At the masquerade, the best Ice Queen and Grandpa Bredo costumes will be crowned and featured in Saturday’s parade.

Read more from the Boulder Daily Camera.

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